Disclaimers, Privacy Policy & Cookies notice for the:
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(Please note that not all sections given below necessarily apply to www.ableweb.co.uk)

Updated May 2018 in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Free Adverts.

Where a site offers the ability to place free adverts in a classifieds section:

There may be sections where visitors to the site can post For Sale or Wanted adverts, free of charge. No-one at www.ableweb.co.uk can take responsibility for the accuracy of adverts placed on the site, or any legalities that may surround the content of an advert. This service is solely a means for posting free adverts, it is up to the reader to seek assurances about the advertiser before committing to buying anything, or selling anything to them. Caveat Emptor! www.ableweb.co.uk is not able to authenticate all adverts, or validate claims or assurances made within them (same as with printed adverts in the press). The site editor (ie me) reserves the right to remove any ads that are offensive or unsuitable for the page(s) they've been added to. If you spot an advert that I've missed, and that might cause someone offence, please let me know.

Not everyone out there is as honest as we'd like unfortunately, so I cannot emphasise enough the caution that must be taken when entering into any agreement (of whatever type) as a result of reading a particular advert or posting made on www.ableweb.co.uk.

In line with new regulations incorporated with the GDPR of 2018, posters of advertisements from inside the EU may contact the site administrator to have previously-placed adverts removed. More information regarding Right to be Forgotten may be found further down this page.

External links.

No-one at www.ableweb.co.uk is responsible for content posted on external sites, linked to from www.ableweb.co.uk. Equally, inclusion of an external site's link, or reference to an external site and/or company/individual/service, is not a recommendation or endorsement of their product(s), content, and/or service(s).


Where the site displays images and/or photographs:

Many of the recent photos have been taken by myself at public events. Some images have been sent over by visitors to www.ableweb.co.uk, who want to contribute to the site. There may also a number of period photographs, that have been acquired from many sources (eg from visitors, the internet, secondhand & junk shops, antique shops) and so on. Wherever possible I have tried to credit the source of the images, although when dealing with vintage photographs this hasn't always been possible. If I have featured photos and/or other images that feature your property, or yourself or your family members in some way (perhaps walking behind a subject that I was taking a picture of), or your company, and you wish to have the image(s) removed from the website, again please drop me a line via the ableweb.co.uk site and I'll sort it out. This goes for anything else that may have been featured (period advertisements for instance).

Privacy - Data Protection including GDPR.

As of May 2018, websites and website owners (and indeed any organisation that holds personal data on others, online or offline) that receive visitors from with the European Union (EU) need to comply with the new GDPR, a revised and enhanced version of the previous Data Protection Act. Part of the requirement is to be transparent with data that is recorded by a website, and the uses that the data may be put to - either by the Data Controller (ie the sole site administrator in the case of www.ableweb.co.uk), or by associated Data Processors (for instance, third-party statistical visit-logging software, as described below, or ad networks). In the UK, the GDPR is administered by the ICO, or Information Commissioner's Office.

Site Logs.
As is the case on most websites, some basic data about visitors to the site is recorded by a third party statistics-counting service that www.ableweb.co.uk is signed up to - in this case Statcounter. The information in the log files that Statcounter collates and manages include your IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider, such as AOL or BT), the browser you used to visit our site (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), the time you visited the site and which pages you visited throughout our site, however no attempt is made to identify a person who's use of the site is recorded, personal names for example are not known to a web browser on which the site is viewed so cannot be captured. The Knowledgebase on Statcounter clarifies their position on the data they hold: link. None of this data is passed on to other parties, nor is it downloaded to or stored on my secure PC. Cookies are used as part of this system of logging.

The site is hosted by 1&1 Internet Limited, and logs containing similar information to that described above are also kept (standard practice). These are only available to administrators at 1&1, and myself as sole website operator and owner (referred to now within GDPR as the Data Controller). Again, this data is not downloaded to my local PC.

Some third party sites featured on www.ableweb.co.uk through advertising, or linked to from www.ableweb.co.uk, may use an in-built feature of your web browser whereby the browser can send your computer a "cookie" at the request of the web page/site being viewed, or use web beacons. Google Adsense, Ebay, Youtube, and Amazon for example may well appear on certain pages of www.ableweb.co.uk, and if so may use Cookies when those pages are displayed. Clicks through to these external sites from links posted on www.ableweb.co.uk almost certainly will create cookie(s) on loading the destination page outside of www.ableweb.co.uk. Cookies are simply text files, they are generally used to make a note of your preferences, perhaps to 'remember' your name or personalised options when returning to a site.

Cookies are sometimes used for geo-targeting purposes (showing New York ads to someone in New York, for example) or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited (such as showing cooking ads to someone who frequents cooking sites). You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or indicate when a cookie is sent.

As of May 25th 2018, Google Adsense advertisements that may feature on pages of www.ableweb.co.uk that you visit, will no longer display interest-based advertisements, ie ads based on your previous browsing history. Prior to 25/5/2018 they may have done, Google has been instructed to turn-off interest-based advertising on www.ableweb.co.uk from this date onwards.

Web beacons are also sometimes used to tailor a visitor's experience on a third party site, or collect statistical information on the browsing habits of its visitors. The www.ableweb.co.uk site itself does not use web beacons, although cookies are used occasionally. The stats programme (statcounter) used at www.ableweb.co.uk, that enables me to monitor the popularity of pages, and basic information about visits to the site pages, first time visitors and so on, uses cookie(s) as has already been explained above. External sites that do use these options will have more information about this in their own Terms and Conditions section(s).

Some cookies are session-only, ie they are deleted when you close the browser down. Others may expire after a set period, for instance 30 days.

Viewing cookies stored on your PC.
Different browsers offer different methods of displaying the text file cookies that have been stored on your computer (most sites use cookies in one form or another). Firefox users for example, go to Tools >> Options >> Privacy and select "remove individual cookies". This allows you to select which cookies you wish to keep, and which you'd like to remove. More information on Firefox's handling of cookies can be found on the Mozilla site. Generally cookies are used to improve your experience of using a site, but you're able to block them if you so wish. Users of Internet Explorer 9.0 can go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy to set the level of cookie blocking you wish to run with. Microsoft's own site has a good reference guide regarding the handling of cookies in IE9 (Microsoft site).

Users of other browsers can find similar reference material on the supplying company's own sites.

The "Right to be forgotten".
A key new aspect of data protection introduced with GDPR for EU-based visitors is that of the right to be forgotten. This requires that a site owner, or in fact anyone who stores data regarding other people or organisations, remove any personally-identifiable data from the site and from any locally-stored files (where applicable), within 30 days of the request being received. Details of any information maintained by the Data Controller, whether on a website or in locally stored (offline) records, also have to be provided on request, subject to the requestor amply demonstrating their right to request the information (and not information on others).

All emails received are stored locally on a desktop PC, password protected, and are archived indefinitely. The information within them, including any names given and the addresses from which they are sent, will not be used by anyone involved with www.ableweb.co.uk for sales and marketing purposes, nor with they be passed on to other parties for any other use. They will only be used for correspondence by myself as site owner and also Data Controller, for legitimate purposes relating to the email's content and purpose, after which they are archived offline.

Financial information.
Just to be clear, as no services, products or subscriptions (etc) are directly sold by www.ableweb.co.uk, or myself as administrator of www.ableweb.co.uk, to visitors of the website, no personal financial data is ever requested, therefore no such data is stored, processed, or passed on elsewhere. If you ever receive an email from someone claiming to be from www.ableweb.co.uk requesting that you forward private banking or other financial information, please contact me immediately.

Richard Jones
Sole administrator www.ableweb.co.uk